fs 7.32 compact

The Veneto-based company today previewed the FS 7.32 Compact, the first in the new FS range of Faresin Industries telescopic handlers.

Faresin chose to do this with a broadcast in “Closed Room” mode, transmitted from a hangar at the Breganze plant. A minimalist, but high-tech live video broadcast, all focused on the technical and functional contents of the new product.

A multi-voiced story featuring the FS project team led by President Sante Faresin and daughters Silvia and Giulia, vice president and operations manager of Faresin Industries, respectively.

This is a real paradigm shift with an eye to the future, as the range was created prepared for developments in “Internet of Things” technology, which is increasingly strategic for fleet management and the interaction between machines and devices on farms and construction sites.

FS 7.32 Compact was designed from the ground up precisely to respond to changing demand and growing environmental awareness in all sectors. A true “systemic” response that brings FS 7.32 Compact to the top of its segment because it affects all major machine functions and puts the operator at the center, the link between the vehicle, its management and functional and service control.

The FS 7.32 Compact project is the result of 20 years of experience in the telescopic industry and leverages an industrial system where Research and Development, Production and Marketing-Sales, work in one integrated process that puts the customer at the center of everything.

In fact, all the structural components of the new machine, including the sophisticated software that manages the integrated sensors, were designed, tested and manufactured in the Breganze plant.

A technology made in Faresin that is revolutionizing the industry and has already attracted global attention with the introduction of the world’s first full electric lift.

The new FS 7.32 Compact will be presented to the general public at Eima International in Bologna, where visitors will be able to discover this technological gem up close.

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