The livestock world is facing every day the challenge of preparing a uniform ration while respecting the nutritional characteristics for animals. A result that can only be achieved by controlling a process that is exposed to many variables, but with NIR analysis it is possible to monitor precisely. This is why Faresin integrates the PoliSPEC NIR device, both portable and machine-applicable, into its mixer wagons, which helps farmers make quick decisions based on accurate NIR analysis to ensure daily ration homogeneity for their animals. The installation of the NIR polySPEC, directly on the tub, transforms the mixer wagon into a real laboratory on wheels allowing the operator to:

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ITPhotonics, an Italian company specialized in the development and marketing of instruments for spectroscopy, with the collaboration of Faresin and the support of the University of Padova, devised an innovative measurement system for controlling the entire rationing process and the quality of the foods based on the use of poliSPECNIR technology. poliSPECNIR is a tool of enormous versatility, which in addition to being used in the barn and on the mixer wagons, covers a wide range of applications:


Real-time data display on in-cab display
Optimization of mixing time and cost
Mixing control for animal welfare
Ration homogeneity index