Faresin FULL ELECTRIC is a line-up launched in 2018 with the introduction of the first full electric telehandler. FULL ELECTRIC machines are technological jewels, designed and industrialized by Faresin Industries, that materialize the concept of effective sustainability: respect for the environment that does not give up profitability and performance.

Zeroing CO2 emissions also allows use in closed environments, such as warehouses, logistics areas, and agricultural operations, improving the level of comfort and safety in the work environment. Reduced noise level enables operation in environments and workplaces, where the use of endothermic engines is not recommended. Full Electric telescopic handlers can be used in any working condition thanks to their maneuverability and 4-wheel steering with all-wheel drive. 

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Agile, quiet and sustainable. 6.26 Full Electric Faresin is suitable for any kind of use thanks to its lifting capacity of 2,6 tons and a maximum height of 6 m.


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8,000 – 9,A series created for great heights, with a three-section trailing boom for a maximum lifting height of 55.8 feets and a maximum capacity of 9,000 lbs.


Questions and Answers

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