Mixer Wagons

Faresin’s self-propelled and trailed mixer wagons can best satisfy all the needs of livestock farms, both in terms of quality and size. The large loading capacity can meet the needs of any livestock farmer with the advantage that, in addition to saving time for feed set-up and distribution, the goal of improving animal welfare is also achieved by feeding feed that stimulates proper rumination.

carri miscelatori trainati
carri miscelatori semoventi
faresin leader pf 3

Leader PF Ecotronic

Suitable for medium and large companies

faresin leader pf

Leader PF Ecomix / Ecomode

Suitable for medium-sized companies

faresin trainato

Trailed PF

Suitable for farms of all sizes

faresin stazionario 1

Stationary PF

Ideal for biogas plants

faresin commander


Suitable for heavy blending

faresin twinner


Suitable for dry mixtures

faresin rambo


Suitable for simple mixtures

Faresin trainato orizzontale master 310


Suitable for dry mixtures

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Technologies and Accessories

The importance of a mixer wagon

The feed mixer wagon is now an important part of the livestok’s feeding process. It provides high quality fodder and a proper mixing, which are fundamental for a correct feeding of the cattle. The feed mixer wagons was spread as a mechanical aid in feeding livestock. Over the years it became equipped with the most modern technologies in order to better satisfy the nutritional needs of animals.

The mixer wagon thus becomes a key point for preparing the right mixtures based on the indications of the agro-food nutritionis. It also provides rations with uniform composition. So every day the cattle’s feed ration will be in the right amount and chemical-physical composition, because the feed mixer wagon prepared a uniform unifeed with the right length of fiber.


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Maccarese has been using Faresin machines for about a decade, and over the years the Vicenza-based company has consistently demonstrated "exceptional responsiveness in correcting errors on the machine. This was most important for us. Considering the significant size of our farm, we put a lot of stress on the machines. It is not usual for a company to respond promptly to a solicitation and to correct the course based on the customer's input by making improvements.
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The mixer wagon we are working with today is certainly a much more advanced machine than the others: it is complete and allows us to manage a herd at a high level. The evolution in efficiency and reliability is evident."
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The wagon works 5-7 hours a day, during which it makes 8-10 rounds of loading and administration. A significant amount of work that the machine accomplishes with agility, in spite of its size and handled volume, highlighting great maneuverability. But the aspect that has pleased us most to date is the level of homogeneity of the unifeed that is achieved.
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We are pleased with the change: the vertical augers in fact produce a softer and more homogeneous mixture. And when the unifeed is homogeneous then we as breeders are more sure that the cow ingests it all, without selection, so that the ration actually taken by the animal turns out to be very close to the theoretical ration we want.
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The fact that the wagon is equipped with a high-performance shredder means that hay that has already been cut, 3-4 cm, cut precisely by the shredder, can be fed into the tub. In this way, the auger, which makes 10 revolutions per minute, can limit itself only to mixing. This fact reduces the working time of the wagon and also the speed of the augers, two situations that lead to another important consequence: diesel fuel consumption is reduced.
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Since we replaced the old wagon with the Leader PF, we have increased production per head by almost 2 liters, without any other intervention, in just two weeks. On a farm like ours, with more than 1,000 animals in total, we cannot accept any exceptions on the feeding front, and the quality of the mixture is the trump card. But most of all, we want reliability because there is no way for the wagon to sit idle, and having a partner like Faresin means being assured of timely assistance when needed.